Aktivna Antena AA-7 HF/VHF/UHF, 3-3000MHz

Aktivna Antena AA-7 HF/VHF/UHF, 3-3000MHz


Lista dijelova i ostalih komponenti:


Q1 = MFE201, SK3991, 3N201 (R2 not needed), or NTE454 N-Channel, dual-gate MOSFET, TO-72 (see text)
Q2 = 2SC2570, NTE107. Silicon RF IF/Amp, NPN transistor (see text)
Note: If you use the NTE107 as a replacement, make sure to insert it correctly
into the pcb. The orientation is different than as shown on the parts layout
diagram. (e-c-b seen front view for NTE107). See this Data Sheet

Svi otpornici su 5%, 1/4-watt
R1 = 1 Mega Ohm
R2 = 220K
R3,R6 = 100K
R4 = 100 ohm
R5 = 10K potenciometar

C1,C2,C5,C6 = 0.01uF, ceramic disc
C3 = 100pF ceramic disc
C4 = 4.7 to 10uF, 16WVDC, radial lead electrolytic

Dodatni dijelovi:
B1 = 9-volt alkaline battery
S1,S2 = DPDT PC mount pushbutton switch
J1,J2 = PC mount RCA jack
ANT1 = Telescoping whip antenna (screw mount)
MISC = PCB materials, enclosure, enclosure, battery holder and connector,
wire, solder, etc.

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