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Kalkulator regulatora voltaže/amperaže

Jedan od boljih programa za izracun voltaze i amperaze na regulatorima kao što su LM317 (LM150, LM350,) Voltage regulator LM317 (LM150, LM350,) Current regulator L200 Voltage and current regulator TL431 Precision shunt regulator TL431 Precision shunt regulator (with LM317) M5237 3-Terminal adjustable regulator 78XX Series

Regulator struje (Booster)

Volt regulators such as the LM708, and LM317 series (and others) sometimes need to provide a little bit more current then they actually can handle. If that is the case, this little circuit can help out. A power transistor such as the 2N3772 or similar